To support the military: Scientists of NTU «KhPI» held a master class on eco-packaging

One of the most urgent problems in war time is providing quality food for the army and civilians in conditions of inappropriate storage. And scientists of NTU «KhPI» are working on it. Within the framework of the joint project of the general pharmacy department of Kharkiv Polytechnic and the University of Cardiff (UK), a master class on the production of eco-packaging based on bee products (beeswax wrappers) was held. The event was attended by volunteers, as well as teachers and students of the NTU «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute».

The leaders of the project from NTU «KhPI» were scientists from the general pharmacy department of the Educational and Scientific Medical Institute of NTU «KhPI»: head of the department Igor Grubnyk and associate professor Yulia Yudina. According to them, beeswax wrappers have been used since ancient times to extend the storage life of food. «We have improved this technology and adapted it to modern requirements, and we are now working on improving its antibacterial properties.  Our packaging is made of environmentally friendly natural products, reusable and can serve for up to a year. It is biodegradable and has no impact on the environment, unlike plastic. In addition, it can be made independently from materials that are available in any household,» the scientists of the NTU «KhPI» emphasised.

Volunteers also noted the benefits of this development: «We are trying to create balanced food packages for the military and civilians, taking into account all their needs, but still quite a lot of food spoils under the influence of natural conditions. The presented development can be very useful, especially for those who are close to the frontline, where there are no conditions for normal storage of food,» noted volunteer Victoria Kravchenko.

Watch the video to learn how to make such packaging yourself:


The project «Promoting the development of eco-friendly packaging based on sustainability materials to reduce food spoilage and plastic waste» is being implemented by the general pharmacy department of NTU «KhPI» in cooperation with the University of Cardiff (UK).