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Nikulina Olena

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The department of Information Systems and Technologies was established in January 2022 on the basis of the Department of Software Engineering and Management Information Systems with the aim of training of specialists in speciality 126 “Information Systems and Technologies”.

The main activity direction of the department involves training of specialists who study for a bachelor and master in the subject area of Information Technologies. The basic disciplines taught at the department are as follows:

– Object oriented Programming;

– Database;

– Web Technologies;

– Data Processing Networks.

The peculiarity of educational process organization at the department is involving advanced information technologies in education, such as:

  • challenge based learning;
  • peer-to-peer;
  • project approach.

In order to teach our students practical skills in development, testing, software maintenance and besides that different soft skills the students are offered to study their major disciplines in the Innovation Campus laboratory. This will allow students to become specialists in IT and achieve success in their profession.

The department conducts outreach efforts to implement teaching and learning activities into European Research Area. The advanced curriculum in English, encouraging students to participate in different international educational and scientific projects and international conferences, webinars and other scientific events give students the opportunity to gain knowledge of the modern tendencies of IT development in the world.

Scientific fields

– Modeling the process of strategic management using the methods of computational intelligence, business analytics.

 Mathematical modeling of complex systems and business processes.

– Optimization of information and control systems.

– Software for modeling and optimization methods.

– Optimization of network resource management processes in distributed computer information and control systems.

– Intelligent decision support systems.

Qualifications and Areas of Specialization

Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree:

126 Information Systems and Technologies (Information Systems Software).