Department of Occupational and Environmental Safety

Berezutskyi Vyacheslav Volodymyrovych Head of The Department

Berezutskyi Vyacheslav Volodymyrovych

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About Department

The department was founded in 1963. Every year, in the educational process, it covers more than 5 thousand students of all forms of education (full-time, part-time and distance learning).

The department provides training in the following general engineering disciplines: Ecology, Fundamentals of occupational safety and human health, Occupational safety in professional activities.

The department employs 25 lecturers, including professors, associate professors, doctors and candidates of technical and biological sciences. The average age of teachers of the department does not exceed 54 years.

The department has computer equipment, is connected to a local network and has access to the Internet. The department has educational and scientific laboratories with equipment. Laboratories are equipped with models, stands and other unique equipment.

In 2008, the department held an international student Olympiad on “Life Safety”. Every year the department holds an international conference “Human Safety in Modern Conditions”.

The department actively cooperates with the European Security Association (EAS) and is its active member. It is also one of the leading departments in Ukraine for advanced training of teachers.

Scientific fields

The scientific directions of the department are:

– Development and improvement of the occupational health and safety management system. – Development of risk maps for workplaces of enterprises.

– Development of technologies to protect the environment from pollution.

– Scientific work in the field of human life safety.

Completed projects:

  • Technology and equipment for purification of waters containing chromium and other metal ions.
  • Technology and equipment for cleaning, regeneration and destruction of cutting fluids.
  • Technology and equipment for cleaning and regeneration of cleaning solutions.
  • Mobile car wash with water regeneration and autonomous power supply.
  • Technology and equipment for water purification from oil impurities.
  • Technology and equipment for the disposal of metal-containing waste, processes for grinding the surface of metal products.
  • Development of an indicator of environmental safety of an industrial enterprise.

• Technology and equipment for biological treatment of industrial waters.

Qualifications and Areas of Specialization

Graduating specialties and educational programs

Specialty: 263 – «Civil security».

Educational program: 263.01 – «Occupational safety and health».