Department of Integrated Technologies of Mechanical Engineering named after M.F. Semko

Shelkovoy Alexander Nikolaevich Head of The Department

Shelkovoy Alexander Nikolaevich

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About Department

Having begun its activities since the creation of  NTU «KhPI» the department was a pioneer in the development and providing of special high-tech processes in mechanical engineering.

Today the department of «Integrated Technologies of Mechanical Engineering» named after M.F.Semko is a part of the Institute of «Mechanical Engineering and Transport» of  NTU “KPI”. The department has 42 employees including 7 Professors, 8 Associate professors and 13 members of the research department.
The department includes:

  •  3 computer centers for students;
  •  5 educational laboratories with up-to-date equipment for students,   masters, graduate students and researchers:
    •  technological laboratory;
    •  laboratory of metrology and standardization;
    •  laboratory of high-precision measurements in mechanical engineering;
    •  laboratory of 3D modeling;
    •  laboratory of physical and chemical research.

The department actively participates in the international scientific projects, publishes three scientific and technical collections on specialty.

We regularly hold the international scientific and technical conferences: «MicroCAD», «Interpartner» as well as scientific and technical seminar «Semko’s youth reading».

The department actively cooperates with the universities in various cities of Ukraine, Greece, Germany, Hungary.

The department is open for cooperation in the technological and educational fields, in all the areas of mechanical engineering, integrated engineering technologies, in the field of metrology and technical measurements for various fields of engineering.

Qualifications and Areas of Specialization

Speciality «Applied mechanics» 


  • «Integrated Engineering Technologies»;
  • «Tool Production»;
  • « Standardization, Certification and Quality Management of Products».