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The Technical Cryophysics chair is a part of physico- technical faculty. It was founded in 1977 by professor A.G.Podolskiy, the well-known scientist in the field of low temperature physics. We work in theoretical and practical usage of the modern technologies in the field of power mechanical engineering. Our graduate students have the fundamental knowledge and practical experience in the field of low-temperature power mechanical engineering, household and industrial refrigeration equipment, air conditioner and cleaning systems,  cryobiological and cryomedical technologies, low-temperature solid-state physics and nanotechnologies.
The education and training of our students take place at our laboratories and at the Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering of the NAS of the Ukraine, and at the Institute of  Cryobiology and Cryomedicine of the NAS of the Ukraine.

Our graduate students have the qualification: at the level of the bachelor – bachelor of power mechanical engineering; at the level of the expert – power engineer; at the level of the master – the professional on power and power mechanical engineering. Our department has the postgraduate course (aspirantura).

Scientific fields

Main directions of scientific researches of chair are:

– Mathematical modeling of non-stationary processes in cryogenic gas cars (prof. V.N. Kukharenko, senior teacher S.V.Yushko);

– Mathematical modeling of heatmassexchange processes in cryogenic system of cleaning of gas mixes from impurity (prof. V.N. Kukharenko);

– Semiconductor nanostructures: synthesis, structure, properties (prof. A.Yu. Sipatov);

– Mathematical modeling of processes of cooling and thermostatting of objects with use in a national economy (senior teacher S.V.Yushko);

– Creation highly effective thermal protection of cryobiology vessels (prof. G.G. Zhun);

– Studying of the physical nature of fluctuation processes in small-sized magnetics in very small magnetic fields and low temperatures (prof. L.Z. Lubyany);

– “New Technologies in Education” direction development (prof. V.N. Kukharenko);

– High-frequency properties of materials at low temperatures (prof. N.T.Cherpak);

– Freezing of food and production of bioadditives (prof. A.I. Osetsky);

– Liquefaction of gases and gas mixes production (senior teacher N.Z. Rudenko);

– Heat pumps (senior teacher N.Z. Rudenko, senior teacher S.V.Yushko);

– Ventilation and air conditioning (senior teacher N.P. Karpenko, senior teacher S.V.Yushko);

– Cryobiology and cryomedicine (prof. A.I. Osetsky).

Qualifications and Areas of Specialization


“Cryogenic equipment and technologies”