The French Delegation Paid a Visit to KPI: The Prospects of Cooperation and Language Courses for the Polytechnicians

The delegation of the French Embassy to Ukraine paid a business visit to NTU “KPI”. The main goals of this meeting were to open new prospects for the cooperation with KPI and also inform students on educational programs of the Fifth Republic and study French.

The delegation was represented by Fabrice Peutot, attaché of the Embassy of France to Ukraine in charge of cooperation in the field of the French language, Sylvain Rigollet attaché in charge of scientific and university cooperation, and Timothee de Maillard the director of the public organization AllianceFrançaise in Kharkov. The negotiations with foreign partners were carried on by Prof. Gennadiy Khripunov, the pro-rector in charge of scientific and pedagogical issues and Oleksandr Goncharov, the chief of the Department for International Relations of the University.

According to Prof. Gennadiy Khripunov, a priority line for both parties is to initiate the cooperation by launching the double-diploma program, mainly for the students of technology-related specialties (alternative energy sources, nanotechnologies, etc.)

Oleksander Goncharov accentuated “Our task is to find the partners in France and develop double-diploma programs to motivate students of the Polytech to continue their education at our University and study simultaneously in France”. Such a program gives an opportunity to get two master’s diplomas issued by our University and the French University”.

The management of KPI is also interested in giving an opportunity to the students to study French. We attained the preliminary agreement with the representatives of the Embassy of France to Ukraine on setting up appropriate language courses at NTU “KPI”. It is specified in the agreement that the education will be free of charge or the cost of such studies will be very low.

The students of KPI that speak English or other foreign language and have a desire to study French are invited to the International Department of NTU “KPI” for the registration, the office is located at the main (rector’s) building, first floor, room 38. A contact person is Oleksandr Vitaliyovych Vasyliuk.

In addition, we plan to organize mutual cooperation between Kharkiv schools, NTU “KPI” and the public organization “AllianceFrançaise”

We plan to set up language courses at schools that train potential high-school graduates for KPI to provide an opportunity for them to study French as a second foreign language at the University” – emphasized Mr. Fabrice Peutot. The management of NTU “KPI” believes that this will allow students to participate in international exchange programs and double –diploma programs implemented by Kharkiv Technical University and the Universities in France.

The members of the delegation recounted to the students of KPI about the system of higher education in France, its specific features and they also told what the Ukrainian students need to do in order to enter French universities. More detailed information is given in the presentation.

Supplemental information:

In summer 2016 the public organization “AllianceFrançaise” set up its representation office in the city of Kharkiv (34 Rymarska St.,). Its activities are focused on teaching French and holding cultural arrangements, and it also functions as an examination center (DELF-DALF).