American Businessman Took Interest in the Cybersecurity Activities of NTU “KhPI”

American delegation headed by John Huvane,  director general of “Giuliani Security & Safety LLC” (GSS, USA) and the ex-director of New-York Police Department paid a visit to the National Technical University “Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute”. The purpose of this visit was to get acquainted with KhPI activities in the field of cybersecurity.  In particular, the delegation took interest in the training of IT-specialists majoring in this area. The place of meeting was selected quite logically, because today NTU “KhPI” is the only institution of higher education in Ukraine that gives training in the safe programming.

NTU ‘KhPI” started to lecture to cybersecurity specialists in 2017. Today 25 students study at the University majoring in “Dedicated Computer Systems”. Polytech cooperates with the Kharkov University of Internal Affairs to provide the legal backing of cybersecurity and the integrated solution of problems in this field.

American guests were welcomed by Prof. Andriy Marchenko, Vice-rector for Scientific-and-Research Work of NTU ”KhPI”, Prof. Sergey Semienov, head of the Department for Computer Science and Programming, Prof. Leonid Lyubchik, head of the Department for Computer Mathematics and Data Analysis and Aleksandr Goncharov, chief of the International Relations Department of the University.

“The Department for Computer Science and Programming of KhPI is the only one in Ukraine that gives training in safe programming. Therefore, our students have certain prospects and advantages in comparison to those that are not lectured on cybersecurity” – stressed Prof. Sergey Semenov during the meeting.

Professor of NTU “KhPI” Leonid Lyubchik is a member of the group involved in the development of standards for the IT-education, and this group is supervised by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

“The main goal of the Program is to provide the students with recognized international certificates in the field of cybersecurity” – mentioned Leonid Lyubchik and he added that this is a very complicated procedure, because it requires the reviewing of certain principles of the training. However, he stressed that the leading institutions of Ukraine, in particular NTU “KhPI” are absolutely prepared for the realization of this program”.

Viktor Chelak, a fourth-year student at the “Department for Computer Science and Programming” also participated in the meeting with the American delegation. A young man repeatedly participated in IT-UNIVERSE, World IT Planet Olympiads, the Ukrainian Students’ Olympiad “Artificial Intelligent Systems”, the Festival of Robotics and Innovations BestRoboFest (FreeStyle), and other professional contests. In 2017 Viktor became a winner of the XIX Ukrainian Students’ Olympiad for the System Programming.

“Studying at NTU “KhPI” I do the cybersecurity research and developments of my own. This is my hobby. At our department we pay special attention to scientific publications and developments in this field”,- said the student.

John Huvane believes that NTU “KhPI” will find support of American Companies; especially it concerns the students that study IT –technologies at the Kharkov Polytech.

“Today, our entire life deals with the technologies. The law-machinery in New-York trains special teams to fight against the cybercrime. When the level of crime is lowered we observe the economic growth and the security-feeling business invests the funds”, – said John Huvane.

He noted that KhPI plays a great role in the aspect of cybersecurity, because it trains specialists to fight against the cybercrime, which will contribute to the improvement of economic stability in the country.

At the end of meeting, Prof. Andriy Marchenko, Vice-rector for Scientific-and-Research Work of NTU “KhPI” said: “Everything will be great, if we have an opportunity to work and cooperate. The cooperation will bring us success. Therefore, the motto of our University is an everyday advance”.


One of the main fields of the activities of “GSS” company is the consulting of the cities on security issues. The American delegation familiarized with the social and economic situation in Kharkov and city security–related issues.  Within the framework of his visit, John Huvane visited the Kharkov institutions of higher education.