Kharkov Polytech Did the All-Ukrainian Dictation in Polish

On May 20, 2017 Kharkov Polytech did the all-Ukrainian dictation in Polish “I write, you write and we write in Polish…” under the auspices of the Senate of Poland.

About 140 persons at the age of 12 to 60 registered to participate in this event. They came to Kharkov from Poltava, Zaporozie and Donetsk regions. Most participants were the Kharkovites (60 persons) that study Polish at the sabbatical school and attend the course of Polish held by the Poloniia House at G. Skovoroda  Kharkov University of Pedagogy.

This action was organized by the Kharkov Society of Polish Culture in partnership with the Polish Foundation “Freedom and Democracy”» (Fundacja Wolność i Demokracja).

Prof. Gennadiy Khripunov, pro-rector in charge of scientific and pedagogical activities of NTU “KhPI” says: “The fact that our students study Polish is of great importance for our University. A perfect grasp of Polish opens great opportunities for the students that can participate in International Education Programs”.

The pro-rector also stressed that the arrangements of this kind are rather vital for the school-leavers and the students, because NTU “KhPI” is an active participant in the Bologna process and international education programs.

According to Gennadiy Khripunov, KPI establishes international relations with the institutions of higher education in Poland. At the moment our University participates in 14 Projects on Academic (Credit ) Mobility Erazmus +K1 and six of them are realized in cooperation with Polish universities that concluded agreements with NTU “KhPI”. Within the framework of these projects the students of Polytech can study at the Universities of European Community during one semester at the expense of the latter.

In addition to Credit Mobility Programs,  the University participates in the two programs of “dual diplomas” realized in cooperation with the Universities of Poland, in particular  the Higher School of Management and Labor Protection in Katowice and the University for Social and Liberal Sciences.

The vice –consuls of the Consulate-General of Poland to Kharkov were present at the all-Ukrainian dictation in Polish “I write, you write and we write in Polish…”. The distinguished guests greeted the participants and wished them success in the writing of dictation.

The authors of the best papers were awarded the diplomas of a specialist in Polish and valuable presents.


The all-Ukrainian Dictation in Polish “I write, you write and we write in Polish…” is an action that is held in our country under the auspice of the Senate of Poland. Last year the dictation in Polish was done by 15 largest cities of Ukraine and united 2.5 thousand persons. Among the registered persons were the participants of 12 to 63 year old.