KhPI Signed the Contact with the Austrian University

The representatives of Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria visited NTU “KhPI” to conclude the Double Degree Contract between the Universities and discuss future cooperation.

At the meeting, the Austrian delegation was represented by the vice-rector, Prof. Doris Hattenberger, the Honorary Doctor of NTU “KhPI” Prof. from the Klagenfurt University Tilmann Reuther, and Prof. Maximilian Miggitsch.

NTU “KhPI” was represented by the rector, Prof. Yevgen Sokol, the Vice-rector for Scientific-and-Pedagogical Work, Prof. Gennadiy Khripunov, Prof. Mykola Tkachuk from the Department for the Program Engineering and Information Management Technologies, Oleksandr Goncharov, chief of the International Relations Department.

As the result of the meeting, the NTU “KhPI’ and the Klagenfurt University signed the Contract. It concerns the Master’s degree for IT specialties of the Department for Program Engineering and Information Technologies. The proficient students, in their field-specific subjects and in the English or German Language, will be able to take the Internship course at the University-partner. After graduating from KhPI the students of this department can have an opportunity to get the double–degree diploma issued by Ukrainian and European Universities.

According to the Rector Yevgen Sokol, this Contract is one more step towards the development of cooperation between the Universities: “More than 15 years ago our Universities launched the program of students exchange, in particular in information technologies specialty”.

Prof. Mykola Tkachuk stressed that the Department for Program Engineering and Information Technologies takes an active part in the ERASMUS+ program, in particular the section K2 that deals with exchange and practical training programs. Some students of the department have already studied at the Klagenfurt University and started selection of candidates for going to Austria for summer and winter semesters in 2018.

“Double-Degree Contract concluded between the Ukrainian university and the Austrian University is recognition of the European level of education at NTU “KhPI” — emphasized Vice-rector Gennadiy Khripunov.

The visit also planned carrying on negotiations on the future cooperation, in particular selecting other “double-degree” spheres. Started the coordination in  curricula for economic and liberal specialties (pedagogy, psychology, sociology and philology).


Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt — is the Austrian National University of Higher Education. It gives training to the specialists related to humanitarian, economic, IT and other spheres.