KhPI United Turkmen Students

The delegation from Turkmenistan headed by Bayram Byashimov, director of the National Institute of Education of the country, paid a visit to NTU KhPI. The purpose of this visit — meeting with Turkmen students that study at Kharkiv universities and the management of those universities in order to discuss the issues of education and get an idea of the opportunities of NTU “KhPI”.

The Turkmen delegation began its visit from the talks. The representatives of the administration of NTU “KhPI” and seven more universities from Kharkiv that educate the citizens from Turkmenistan participated in the talks.

NTU “KhPI” was represented by the rector Yevgen Sokol, pro-rector Gennady Khripunov, dean of the Department for International Education Dmitriy Kudyi, and Aleksandr Goncharov, chief of the Department for International Relations.

Among the Turkmen delegation were Bayram Byashimov, the director of the National Institute of Education of the country, Ygenberdy Keryiev, a representative of the Youth Organization of Turkmenistan, Annaberdy Burunov, and the head of the Department for Social Sciences of Makhtumkuly Turkmenistan State University and the employees of the Embassy of Turkmenistan in Ukraine.

Within the framework of the meeting the participants discussed some questions related to the conditions of education and residence of Turkmen students in Ukraine.

“We enjoy our long-term cooperation and all the questions that may arise are settled immediately due to keeping a constant contact with the Embassy of Turkmenistan to Ukraine. In particular, we give training to about two hundred students from Turkmenistan. Our University has 12 specialties that give comprehensive training in English. In addition, we have the German Center for Education. The University logistics is continuously updated and we make use of the new methods of teaching” — said Yevgen Sokol, rector of NTU “KhPI”.

“We have a profound respect and pay high tribute to the Ukrainian education. We hope that on completion of the course of training the students from Turkmenistan will become high-level professionals. We would like to be sure that the requirements set to our students meet high standards set to other students. We want our students to be involved both in the educational process and in the research done by the University, cope with new technologies and getting practical training. On our part, we also monitor and track available problems” — said Bayram Byashimov, director of the National Institute of Education of the country.

Later on, KhPI held a meeting with Turkmen students that study at different Universities in Kharkiv.