Visit of the Turkish Educational Company President

This week Ali Oztürk, the president of one of the largest Turkish educational companies Bati Ak Deniz paid a visit to NTU “KhPI”. Over the course of ten years the Bati Ak Deniz Company provides its services for the students that are willing to study in Ukraine. Poland, Hungary and China and this company has six offices in the different cities of Turkey. Two years ago, the Company concluded the Contract with NTU “KhPI” to offer young people from Turkey the education at our University. At their meeting, the pro-rector Gennadiy Khripunov and Ali Oztürk, the president of the Company analyzed the student admission program outcome in 2019. It was noted that this year the Bati Ak Deniz Company helped 72 young men and ladies from Turkey to start their education at NTU “KhPI”. During the meeting, the parties discussed the issues relating to the career guidance activity management in 2020. The president of the Company Ali Oztürk gave notice of his intention to participate in the setting of the joint Ukrainian –Turkish cultural center at NTU “KhPI. At the close of the meeting, Ali Ozturk granted an interview to the representative of the press-center of our University.


  1. Сould you, please, say a few words about your company?

It was set up in 2009 in Turkey. We provide services to students who want to study in Ukraine,  the Russian Federation, Poland, Hungary and China.

  1. Where do you have your offices? And how many people want to study in Ukraine?

Our company has six offices in the six cities of Turkey. And over 1000 students come to Ukraine to get education.

  1. What are the most preferable specialties and the language of education for Turkish students?

Usually, Turkish students want to be instructed in English but it doesn`t mean that they have no desire to get training in Russian.

The main specialties are management, computer sciences, software engineering and power engineering.

  1. How many students do you plan to bring into NTU “KhPI” for the academic year of 2019 / 2020? Do you know about our additional admission of students to the University?

For the academic year of 2019/2020, we have already brought 72 students that are willing to study at NTU “KhPI”. Some of them start from the preparatory course and some of them are matriculated as first-year students because they successfully pass the exams in the English language and mathematics. Yes, we do know about it.

  1. Do you know that we plan to open the Ukrainian-Turkish Friendship Center at the Department for the Pre-university Training?

Yes, we know that and we highly appreciate your assistance rendered to set up this Center. Undoubtedly, this Center will provide a high -quality service for Turkish students. We believe that this Center will also be a gathering place for Turkish and Ukrainian students.

We are going to arrange meetings for all the students especially during Turkish holidays to familiarize other students with our culture. We will also provide Turkish books so that students could come and read them at any time convenient for them.

  1. What do you think about the quality of education and the living conditions created for the students that study at NTU “KhPI”? 

We believe that the quality of education at NTU “KhPI” is rather high, because it is the best technical university in Ukraine. Our students are also satisfied with living conditions at the hostels.