KhPI: New Avenues of the Cooperation with Azerbaijan

The delegation from Azerbaijan Technical University (AzTU) headed by rector of the University Vilayat Mammad oglu Valiyev paid a visit to NTU “KhPI” on May 12, 2021. The rector discussed the promising avenues of cooperation in the field of science and education (double diploma programs, exchange education, etc) and he was familiarized with new projects at KhPI, in particular the Innovation campus, international centers for foreign students and other hubs.

In the course of talks, Gennadiy Khrypunov, pro-rector in charge of international relations at NTU “KhPI” presented the University. He spoke on the main fields of cooperation, new innovative projects, up-to-date scientific and engineering developments in which the KhPI scientists are involved. The delegation visited the science and engineering library, the Ukrainian-Chinese Science and Education Center and the Ukrainian-Arabian Culture and Education Center that were set up for foreign students studying at the University.

In addition, the rector of AzTU Vilayat Valiyev was introduced to the unique educational project initiated by NTU “KhPI”, i.e. the Innovation Campus that gives an opportunity for the students of the University to receive the contemporary hands-on training in essential IT technologies. It is a four-year program and after the first year of their studies at NTU ‘KhPI (matriculation to the specialty and studies of fundamental disciplines) the students are screened on a competitive basis (they participate in the four-week marathon) to participate in the program of the project–based learning (second and third year of training). The fourth year is intended for the in-depth studies of the subjects, practice and the graduation theses defended at NTU “KhPI”. Today, the students’ studies are based on the innovation house of UNIT.City Kharkiv. The rector of the Azerbaijan University made small talk with the students that participate in the project and he was greatly impressed with this unique program that trains IT specialists of an international standard. As a specialist in the field of economics, Vilayat Valiyev endorsed the idea of Yevgen Sokol, the rector of KhPI as for the application of the project-based education powered by the Innovation Center for economic specialties and he stresses its great prospects.

Following the results of the visit, the parties agreed upon the development of the cooperation. The rector of the Azerbaijan University noted that AzTU and KhPI have many avenues for joint scientific activities. Today, the field of material science (new materials and coatings), information technologies, in particular the cybersecurity are among the priority–driven subjects. As for the field of education, the University plans to work out the programs for the exchange education, double diplomas, exchange of the professors to give lectures, etc.

The rector Vilayat Valiyev said that AzTU cooperates with Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) and they participate in many scientific developments initiated by their joint Science and Technology Center. Taking into consideration the fact that NTU “KhPI” is also the İTÜ partner, he proposed to join efforts and involve the scientists of the Kharkiv Polytech into the work done by the Center.

“We have already informed our colleagues from AzTU on the proposals of our departments relating to possible avenues of cooperation. KhPI is willing to take every effort to realize attained agreements”, — stressed Gennadiy Khrypunov, pro-rector of NTU “KhPI”.


The participants of the talks with the representatives of the Azerbaijan delegation were the pro-rector in charge of International Relations of NTU “KhPI” Gennadiy Khrypunov, dean of the department for International Education Dmytro Kudiy, and chief of the Department for International Relations of NTU ‘KhPI” Oleksander Goncharov.  

The Azerbaijan Technical University is one of the leading institutions of the engineering education in the Azerbaijan Republic and it was set up in Baku in 1950. Today, it trains the specialists in the field of mechanical engineering, metallurgy, informatics and computer technologies, electrical engineering, telecommunications, motor transport, engineering business and so on. It counts more than 6000 students.