Online Initiation into the students – 2023 took place at NTU «KhPI»

On 1, September, a solemn holiday for first-year students «Initiation into the students of NTU «KhPI» 2023» was held online. The students were greeted by the rector, professor Yevgen Sokol, the creative teams of the Palace of Students of the Kharkiv Polytechnic, as well as the directors of the Educational and Scientific Institutes of the university. The event brought together about a thousand participants from different parts of Ukraine.

Students had the opportunity to get acquainted with the rector of the university and hear his greetings on the occasion of the start of studies at Kharkiv Polytechnic. Yevgen Sokol familiarized the young students with the structure of the university, the Microsoft Teams Office 365 online platform, on the basis of which training is conducted, and the main achievements of NTU «KhPI» for the past year.

«Dear first-year students! I congratulate you on your admission to one of the best higher educational institutions of our country – National Technical University «KhPI»! Undoubtedly, you have taken the right step, because this is a guarantee that you will receive a quality education here. This is the first and main start for your future career. I wish you a fruitful study, where much depends on you. The teachers and employees of the university will do everything to ensure that you get fundamental knowledge that will certainly be useful to you in the future. Study carefully and complete all the tasks of the teachers. And then you will succeed! Unfortunately, russian aggression does not give us the opportunity to hold the traditional in-person «Initiation into the students of NTU «KhPI». But today we still celebrate a holiday, your first day of study at the Kharkiv Polytechnic, your first day of study in the new academic year, in the new status of a student of the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute»! I wish you success in your studies! Happy holiday! «Glory to Ukraine!», Rector of NTU «KhPI» professor Yevgen Sokol addressed the first-year students.

A festive concert prepared by the creative teams of the Palace of University Students was a bright continuation of the «Initiation into the Students of NTU «KhPI-2023». At the end, the first-year students met with the directors of their Educational and Scientific Institutes. The concert prepared for the Online Initiation of KhPI-2023 students can be viewed at the link.