Kharkiv Polytechnics started cooperation with a unique plant for the production of insulin

Scientists of the department of general pharmacy of the Educational and Scientific Medical Institute of NTU «KhPI»: Head of the department Igor Grubnyk and associate professor Yulia Yudina visited the only plant in Ukraine with a full cycle of insulin production, Indar PrJSC in Kyiv. The goal of the visit was to search for directions of cooperation in the training of competent specialists in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.  A excursion was organized for the representatives of the NTU «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute», after which a meeting was held with the administration of PrJSC «Indar». In particular, the parties agreed on an internship for teachers at the enterprise and the practical training for students of the NTU «KhPI», as well as the modernization of the existing curriculum of the department.

During the excursion to the enterprise, which was conducted by the head of the workshop of PrJSC «Indar» Igor Bobyr, the scientists of the department of general pharmacy of NTU «KhPI» were acquainted with the organization of all stages of obtaining a highly purified substance of recombinant human insulin. Ihor Bobyr noted that the production of this medicine is a complex and science-intensive biotechnological process, which is why only a few plants in the world, including the «Indar» plant, were able to implement the full technological cycle of insulin production (from substance to finished medicinal forms).

Within the framework of the visit, NTU «KhPI» scientists met with the enterprise’s administration to discuss cooperation concerning the training of competent specialists for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. In the discussion on behalf of PrJSC «Indar» participated: first deputy chairman of the board Oleksandr Kheylomskyi, leading engineer of the quality assurance department Iryna Petryna and head of the pharmaceutical development laboratory Dmytro Shakhnin.

«We are the only biopharmaceutical enterprise in Ukraine that produces insulin using a full biotechnological cycle, based on our own original technology. The high quality of our products is confirmed by many years of experience in their use in many countries. This was made possible only due to the fundamental scientific research of our own R&D laboratories and the use of the latest technologies. Therefore, the main value for us is the employees of PrJSC «Indar», whose knowledge, experience, potential and skills allow us to produce medicinal products of the highest quality. We are also extremely interested in renewal of our team with young, energetic, qualified and motivated specialists who strive to develop and constantly improve themselves,» said Oleksandr Kheylomskyi, first deputy сhairman of the Board of PrJSC «Indar», during the meeting.

The parties agreed that the priority tasks of cooperation between the NTU «KhPI» and PrJSC «Indar» will be the revision and modernization of the existing programs of specialized disciplines in the specialties 226 «Pharmacy, Industrial Pharmacy» and 162 «Biotechnology and Bioengineering». The nearest prospects also include the development of the basis for the creation of joint study programs in specializations whose specialists are currently in great demand by biopharmaceutical enterprises in Ukraine and the world.  In addition, it is planned to develop and implement new programs of practical training for students, as well as internships for teachers who will implement their scientific projects on relevant topics of PrJSC «Indar».


Indar’s production facilities were put into operation on 21 June 1999. Since October 2000, the plant has been producing medicines under its own trademarks: «HUMODAR» (recombinant human insulin), «MONODAR» (monocomponent swine insulin), as well as medicines of other groups – anticoagulants (heparin), antidotes (protamine sulfate) and metabolism-enhancing agents (TIOCTODAR – thioctic acid solution). Currently,  PrJSC  «Indar» is the only enterprise in Ukraine with a full technological cycle of genetically engineered insulin production. The quality of the plant’s products is recognized not only in Ukraine but also in the world; It is exported to the CIS countries, the Federal Republic of Brazil, the Syrian Arab Republic, the Republic of Yemen, the Republic of Kenya, the Republic of Côte d’Ivoire, the Republic of Mozambique, the Republic of Burundi, the Republic of Angola, The Republic of Guinea-Bissau, the Republic of Nicaragua, the Multinational State of Bolivia, the Republic of Ecuador, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka and other countries.