NTU «KhPI» became a participant in the Ukrainian-German project for Sustainable Economic Development

Students and teachers of the National Technical University «Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute» and the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (HSRW) (Germany) took part in the Ukrainian-German Summer School «Building a Sustainable Economy after the Crisis». For thirteen future specialists from Kharkiv Polytechnic and eight from HSRW, lectures, master classes, workshops, and discussion events were held. Together with the mentors, scientists from Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute and Rhein-Waal University, the students discussed innovative solutions of the problems of Kharkiv’s energy future, renewable energy, and waste utilization for the circular economy in Ukraine. One of the main topics was also the creation of sustainable universities for comprehensive education and the role of multinational corporations in rebuilding of Ukraine. The result of the Summer School was the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the StartGlocal startup centers of Rhein-Waal University and «SPARK» of NTU «KhPI». The event was held within the framework of the DAAD project «Ukraine Digital: Ensuring Academic Success in Times of Crisis (2023)».

Within the framework of the Ukrainian-German Summer School «Building a Sustainable Economy after the Crisis», students and teachers of partner universities formed teams to complete tasks and received advices from mentors. The mentors from NTU «KhPI» were scientists of the Department of management of the Educational and Scientific Institute of Economics, Management and International Business of NTU «KhPI»: Head of the department Olena Prokhorenko, professors Natalia Krasnokutska, Taras Danko, Natalia Shmatko, Pavlo Brin, associate professors Natalia Shyryaeva, Olena Chaikova, Iryna Sitak, and senior lecturer Maria Foshchiy. In their turn, the Rhein-Waal University team was mentored by professors: Philippe Schorn, Jakob Lempp, Gregor van der Beck, Oliver Surfling, Klaus Krumme, Jan-Hendrik Kamlage, and Wegen Tadsen.

The lecturers of NTU «KhPI» and HSRW gave lectures on sustainable development of countries and regions and the specifics of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction. There were also excursions to leading industrial companies in Germany for the Summer School participants.

In addition, Natalia Shmatko, professor at Kharkiv Polytechnic and director of the startup center «Spark» at NTU «KhPI», made a presentation to German colleagues, where she spoke about the center’s work, its team, international cooperation, completed and future projects.  As a result of this meeting, a memorandum was signed on further cooperation and joint development. The German side was represented by the director of the «StartGlocal Startup Center (HSRW) Dr. Gerhard Heusip and Dr. Gerhard Heusip and Christina van Holt, a startup researcher of the center.

It should be noted that the main goal of the Summer School was to introduce a challenge-based learning approach with a special focus on solving practical issues. The project participants developed communication and critical thinking skills that are vital for preparing students for the modern world.  One of the outstanding features of this initiative was the international variety of its participants. Ukrainian students of specialty of «International Business» from different regions, including Kharkiv and Dnipro, joined to the program.

Teachers of NTU «KhPI» express their sincere gratitude to the host institutions and dedicated colleagues in Germany who played an important role in creating this international academic journey. The cooperation and ideas gained during the event will have a lasting impact on the academic community and the future.


The Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences (Die Hochschule Rhein-Waal) was founded in 2009. The campuses are located in the cities of Cleves and Camp Linthfort. Currently, it has more than 7300 students. The university offers 25 bachelor’s and eleven master’s courses in the fields of natural sciences, economics and technology, as well as social and health sciences. at all courses also teach the basics of business administration and law, as well as so-called social skills (presentation and communication, project management, social and intercultural competence, and conflict management).

The Ukrainian-German Summer school «Building a Sustainable Economy after the Crisis» (DAAD project «Digital Ukraine») took place in October 2023.