«Exciting adventure» of a student of NTU «KhPI» in Germany

Yuriy Ushkvarok, student of 4th course of NTU «KhPI», participates in an international project from Erasmus+. The program, which is focused on obtaining practical knowledge and skills in the field of «Mechatronics», provided an opportunity to study at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (Germany). The young man, who is mastering his knowledge in English, spoke about the features of studying abroad and shared his own impressions.

Yuriy Ushkvarok, a student of the Department of Electrical Machines at the Educational and Scientific Institute of Energy, Electronics and Electromechanics of NTU «KhPI» (specialty «Electromechanics»), was selected for an Erasmus+ educational program in Germany. Currently, the young man continues to obtain knowledge at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt and tells us about the educational process and its features.

 «You have to register for classes and exams, which may seem inconvenient, but it really adds responsibility. I like studying under the «Mechatronics» program because, as an «exchange student», I can choose  for myself the classes I want to attend. Studying is not the easiest for me, but at the same time, it motivates me to understand the problems of lack of knowledge and fill in the gaps with new information. The information is useful, not outdated, the teachers really love what they do, they teach every class with enthusiasm, they like to joke and smile, which makes me want to attend their lectures. The equipment is modern, many classrooms have computers with the necessary software, and German professors have taken care of the students and add all their lecture and practical materials to the web portal,» said Yuriy Ushkvarok. According to the words of NTU «KhPI» student, his curriculum at FHWS has many interesting subjects. Among them: «Robotics and Automation Lab Work», «Applied Machine Learning and Design of Experiments».

Discipline «Robotics and Automation Lab Work» – here we look at typical applications of industrial robots, diving deep into their functionality and impact on process automation. An important part of the training is also the ability to write documentation when performing laboratory tasks and coordination of tasks within group projects. In subject «Applied Machine Learning», we dive into the fundamentals of mathematics, including linear and logistic regression. In addition, we learn Matlab, Python, and Javascript programming to solve real-world problems using basic machine learning algorithms. In the section «Design of Experiments», there is an opportunity not only to understand the benefits of systematically planned experiments, but also to apply them in practice,» says Yuriy Ushkvarok. He focuses on the fact that there are many practical classes at the university that are held in parallel with lectures, which provides a deeper understanding of the material.

«In general, exploring the world of robotics, machine learning, and experimental design at the university becomes an exciting adventure thanks to innovative approaches in teaching and remote support teachers of NTU «KhPI» from our native department «Electrical Machines,» says Yuriy Ushkvarok.

According to him, FHWS is located in Würzburg and Schweinfurt, the city is selected depending on the chosen educational program. Students specializing in engineering or logistics live in the small town of Schweinfurt, which is located on the border of Bavaria and has an equal distance from the states of Hesse, Thuringia, and Baden-Württemberg. Managers, designers, architects, and programers live in Würzburg (20 minutes from Schweinfurt).

«Student life here is intense – there are a lot of events, it’s very easy to make new acquaintances with people from all over the world, most of whom are friendly, ready to help and interesting as individuals. There is an opportunity to get a student discount on a transport ticket and travel to the surrounding cities without any problems,» says Yuriy Ushkvarok, the student of NTU «KhPI».

It should be noted that Yuriy is studying at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt under the Erasmus+ academic exchange program from 01.10.2023 till 31.03.2024.



Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (FHWS) was founded in 1971 in Bavaria. It is located in two cities – Würzburg and Schweinfurt. It has 9102 students and 202 professors and is the fourth-largest university of applied sciences in Bavaria. In total, the university has ten faculties offering more than 40 bachelor’s and master’s programs in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), visual design, social sciences, language, and economics/business management. Six of them are located in Würzburg only, three of them in Schweinfurt only. The main language of instruction is German, but many programs are taught in English – specialties taught in two languages also increase the university’s popularity among international applicants. In addition, international students can attend free German language courses throughout their studies.

ERASMUS+ is the European Union’s international cooperation program with other countries of the world in the field of education, youth and sport. Its goal is to support the educational, professional and personal development of citizens in the EU and beyond to contribute to sustainable growth, quality jobs and social cohesion, to develop of the innovations and strengthen of European identity and active citizenship. The program provides opportunities for educational and academic mobility in education and for young people, projects and partnerships, development of strategy  and cooperation, professional networks and open resources.

You can view the list of partner universities of NTU «KhPI» in Erasmus + KA1 credit mobility projects, possible areas of study, as well as contacts of coordinators at the link: https://www.kpi.kharkov.ua/ukr/mizhnarodni-zv-yazki/erasmus%20/partnery/

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