Schoolchildren are invited to the Game Holidays with Polytech. THE PROGRAM

NTU «KhPI» invites schoolchildren, their parents and teachers to «Holidays with Polytech: Winter Kahootiada!» dedicated to winter and New Year’s holidays.  The event will take place in the format of science and popular Kahoot quizzes from 8 to 12 January 2024. Forty new bright and informative online events await the participants, including a money snowfall from the department of accounting and finance; the history of manufacturing of  Christmas tree decorations from the department of mechanical engineering technology; tastes and smells of Christmas from the department of fats and fermentation products technology, etc. Based on the results of the quizzes, the winners will be determined and will be awarded prizes. To participate and learn more about the program of the Holidays, please subscribe to the Telegram group at the following link:

New quizzes and a new format and an exciting atmosphere of real competition will be offered to the participants of the online event «Holidays with Polytech: Winter Kahootiada!».  The main novelty of the Winter Kahootiada is an individual score and the identification of absolute winners who will receive prizes!  These will be the first three leaders who individually score the most points in all quizzes played live.

Holidays with Polytech will be held online in the format of Kahoot quizzes from 08 to 12 January 2024, daily from 10:00 to 17:00; new topics, new quizzes, and new hosts every hour.  In total, there will be 40 interesting and informative quizzes united by the theme of winter and the New Year. The quizzes will be held according to the schedule and then saved in the chat for self-passing at a convenient time. To participate and learn more about the holiday program, please subscribe to our Telegram group by following link:  If you have any questions, write to the chatbot: The events will be held online in Telegram.

The Holiday program was developed by young scientists of NTU «KhPI» for school and college pupils with the aim of motivating them to study in a science-popular format and to realize that knowledge is important for the restoration of our Motherland and the improvement of the world.  For a detailed program of the online event «Holidays with Polytech: Winter Kahootiada!» see below.


«Winter Kahootiada: Holidays with Polytech 2024»

08-12 January 2024

08 January (Monday)

10:00 «Money Snowfall» from the department of accounting and finance (BEM);

11:00 «Car logo and its New Year’s adventures» from the department of automobile and tractor industry(MET);

12:00 «Winter holidays with your favorite movies and visual effects» from the department of Multimedia and Internet technologies and systems (CSIT);

13:00 «Metrology under the Christmas tree: New Year’s chaos!» from the department of computer and radio electronic control and diagnostic systems, information and measurement technologies and systems (CMAPM);

14:00 «Winter Fairy Tale with Telecommunications» from the department of Information Systems (CMAPM);

15:00 «Technologies for creating winter» from the department of machine components and hydropneumatic systems (MET);

16:00 «The history of Christmas tree decorations!» from the department of technology of mechanical engineering and metal-cutting machines (MET);

17:00 «Christmas logistics of Santa Claus» from the department of lifting and transporting machines and equipment (MET).


09 January (Tuesday)

10:00 «Alternative energy: light and heat even in winter» from the department of integrated technologies, processes and devices (ChTE);

11:00 «Winter acquaintance with the world of IT!» from the department of software engineering and intelligent control technologies (CSIT);

12:00 «The wonderful world of microclimate: from winter to …» from the department of occupational and environmental safety (MET);

13:00 «New Year’s Automation» from the department of automation of technological systems and environmental monitoring (CMAPM);

14:00 «Christmas magic of entrepreneurship» from the department of entrepreneurship, trade and logistics (BEM);

15:00 «Tastes and smells of Christmas» from the department of fat and fermentation products technology (ChTE);

16:00 «Techno-Kahoot: Winter linguistic innovations of NTU «KhPI» from the department of intelligent computer systems (SHT);

17:00 «ECO winter is coming» from the department of chemical engineering and industrial ecology (MET).


10 January (Wednesday)

10:00 «Christmas and New Year’s trade» from the department of Business Economics and international economic relations (BEM);

11:00 «The mystery of the North and South Poles» from the department of electrical apparatus (EEE);

12:00 «New Year’s patterns and fancy crystals» from the Department of materials science (MET);

13:00 «Traditional fuel VS Alternative fuel. Into the New Year with new perspectives» from the department of oil, gas and solid fuel processing technologies (ChTE);

14:00 «Winter adventures of the energy cat «Graphic» from the department of electric power transmission (EEE);

15:00 «Automation and winter!» from the department of Automation and control in technical systems (CMAPM);

16:00 «What is gender or boys from Mars, girls from Venus» from the department of sociology and public administration (SHT);

17:00 «The Magic of winter technologies» from the department of computer modeling and integrated pressure treatment technologies (MET).


11 January ( Thursday)

10:00 «Winter Symphony of Electromechanics» from the department of electrical machines (EEE);

11:00 «How amazing and magical snow helps the mood in games» from the department of computer engineering and programming (CSIT);

12:00 «Economic quiz of Christmas secrets» from the department of general economic theory (BEM);

13:00 «Automated design and automotive mechatronics: create the future at a fast rate!» from the department of information technologies and systems of wheeled and tracked vehicles named after O.O. Morozov (MET);

14:00 «Snow brainstorming: winter game in Management» from the department of Management (BEM);

15:00 «How to have heat and light in winter» from the department of turbine engineering (EEE);

16:00 «Winter Express: through the blizzards to the goal!» from the department of electric transport and diesel locomotive engineering (EEE);

17:00 «Light a Christmas tree from the other side of the planet (Internet of Things)» from the department of micro- and nanoelectronics (CMAPM).


12 January (Friday)

10:00 «Winter Sports?» from the department of physical education (SHT);

11:00 «Christmas and New Year’s traditions» from the department of business foreign language and translation (SHT);

12:00 «Chemistry – the unknown witch of the New Year holidays» from the department of organic synthesis and pharmaceutical technologies (ChTE);

13:00 «Metal history of ice and fire» from the department of foundry (MET);

14:00 «Bursting into the New Year in Harmony with Ourselves» from the department of pedagogy and psychology of social systems management of the academician I. Zyazyun (SHT);

15:00 «New Year and information technologies» from the department of Information systems and technologies (CSIT);

16:00 «How to feed cat Graphic that you don’t need emergency assistance» from the department of electric power stations (EEE);

17:00 «Into the New Year with new knowledge about the world of cables and electrotechnical materials» from the department of electrical insulating and cable technique (EEE).


The quizzes will be held online in the Telegram group «Holidays with Polytech», there may be changes in the schedule, for more information about possible changes, follow the information messages in our Telegram group at the link: