KhPI professor gave a course of lectures at the Lodz University of Technology (LTU)

Head of the Strategic Management Department of NTU “KhPI”, Professor Igor Kononenko gave lectures for students of the Lodz University of Technology (Poland) as part of the European mobility program Erasmus+. Among the main topics of the course are project portfolio management in IT companies, strategic management integration, and others. Students were also able to use the mobile application to select the project management methodology developed by KhPI teachers. In addition, Igor Kononenko held a series of meetings with coordinators of different areas of the Polish University, and scientists from other universities.

The students of bachelors and masters of the Polish university became the listeners of the lectures of the KhPI professor Igor Kononenko. Lectures were devoted to the formation of effective methodologies for managing project portfolios in IT companies, the integration of strategic management, portfolio management and individual projects. In addition to the theory, students were presented with a mobile application with which they could choose the methodology for managing a specific IT project. The application was developed by Igor Kononenko, Dmitry Prochukhan, Svetlana Lutsenko in NTU “KhPI”.

As part of his stay at LTU, Igor Kononenko was able to get acquainted with the features of the educational process organization at the university, teaching technologies for future IT specialists. In addition, he met with representatives of departments of the Lodz Technical University to discuss plans for further work. In particular, Aneta Poniszewska-Maranda, coordinator of the Erasmus+ computer science program, head of the IT education department of the Institute of Information Technologies at the LTU and Malgorzata Świt, coordinator of educational projects at the LTU International Cooperation Center. Also, professor of KhPI Igor Kononenko held talks with a famous scientist, a representative of the University of Vienna and Comenius University in Bratislava, Professor Natalia Kryvinska. The topic is a discussion of cooperation in the field of creating information technologies in strategic management, portfolio and project management.

In the future, the participation of PhD students and students of NTU “KPI” in the mobility program with the Lodz Technical University is planned. The visit to the Lodz Technical University took place on November 25-29, 2019.

Recall in the spring of 2019, that the Head of NTU “KhPI” Strategic Management Department, Professor Igor Kononenko was a guest lecturer at a major Polish university WSB (Wyższe Szkoły Bankowe).


Lodz University of Technology (Politechnika Łódzka) is a higher technical educational institution located in the city of Lodz (Poland). The university was founded in 1945. Today, it consists of 9 faculties — Mechanical Engineering; Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering; Chemistry; Material Technologies and Textile Design; Biotechnology and Food Sciences; Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering; Technical Physics, Information Technology and Applied Mathematics; Management and Production Engineering; Process and Environmental Engineering, where nearly 15,000 students study.