KhPI Signed New Contracts with Turkish Universities

The delegation of NTU “KhPI” headed by rector of the University Yevgen Sokol paid a visit to four Universities in Turkey. Among them are İstanbul Üniversitesi – Cerrahpaşa, Istanbul Technical University, Bahçeşehir University and Istanbul Gedik University. Following the results of the visit, cooperation contracts were signed in scientific and educational fields and the major avenues of further cooperation have been outlined.

In particular, the agreements anticipate the partnership in the following fields:

  • with the Bahçeşehir University (BAU) in the field of liberal sciences, sociology and social issues;
  • with İstanbul Gedik University in the field of different technologies, in particular  welding, mechanical engineering technology, and pressure metal treatment;
  • with Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa we anticipate joint studies of the materials provided by  the Archive of the Ottoman Empire on the cooperation of Ukraine and Turkey over the last 600 years and this archive was handed over to the KhPI in June 2021 and we also anticipate the cooperation in the field of medical electronics and microelectronics;
  • with Istanbul Technical University, in view of the change of rector, we got the confirmation of the validity of earlier signed agreements on friendly mutual relations and the extension of cooperation between the Universities including those in the field of information technologies and computer sciences.

“We carried on negotiations on the major avenues of our activities and the instruments of cooperation. In particular, these include the exchange of students, post-graduate students, and the teachers and also joint scientific projects. Istanbul Universities selected particular areas that are of great interest to them at KhPI and these areas include a broad spectrum. At the moment, we prepare invitation letters to allow the delegations of these Universities to visit the Kharkiv Polytechnic University. Hence, we will be able to work out the approaches to our joint activities and conclude appropriate contracts on suggested avenues”, — said Rector of NTU “KhPI”  Yevgen Sokol.


The visit to Turkey was paid early in June. The members of the delegation of NTU “KhPI” in addition to the rector of the University were Eldar Veliiev, director of the Ukrainian-Turkish Coordination Center for the Scientific and Technological Research done by KhPI, and Olena Goroshko, the head of the Department of Cross-Cultural Communication and Foreign Languages of KhPI.

İstanbul Gedik University was incorporated by one of the first international welding engineers in Turkey Halil Kaya Gedik in 2010. The purpose was to strengthen the cooperation between the industry and the universities and to train highly knowledgeable experts in order to develop welding and other technologies in Turkey. Today, the university has different departments, in particular the Art and Architecture, Law, Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Engineering, Health Sciences, and Sport Sciences.

Bahcesehir University (BAU) was founded in 1998. It includes the Departments for Dentistry, Pedagogical Sciences, Law, Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, Communication, Architecture and Design, Engineering and Natural Sciences, Medical Sciences and other educational subdivisions.

At Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa the students can get education at the Departments for Engineering, Forestry, Medicine, Pedagogy, Nursing Care, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Business Administration, Economic, Sport, etc. In addition, educational subdivisions include the Forensic Medicine, Cardiology, Neurology, Nanotechnologies, Biotechnologies, etc. This Institution was the part of Istanbul University (founded in 1453) that was disintegrated in 2018 forming Istanbul University and Istanbul University Cerrahpaşa.

Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ)  was set up in 1773 and today it realizes 99 Undergraduate programs and 179 Graduate programs at the 13 departments and six institutions of higher education. The University counts more than 530 laboratories and 35 research centers. İTÜ gives training in such fields as Mechanics, Electroengineering, Electronics, Chemistry, Metallurgy, Computers, Informatics, Ship-Building, Aeronautics and also Management, Architecture, Art, Design and Music.

In July 2017, NTU “KhPI” and İTÜ signed the Memorandum of Cooperation between the Universities in the field of science and education. In February 2018, the official opening ceremony of the Ukrainian-Turkish Coordination Center for the Scientific and Technological Research was held and the Contract on cooperation between NTU “KhPI” and İTÜ has been signed.