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The Department of Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) was founded in 1930. Since 1980, it has been the base among Ukrainian universities in engine building. During its existence, the department has trained more than 4000 graduates. Today about 100 students study at the department. The volume of the licensed admission for a specialty is one of the largest at the university.

The department carries out fundamental training of specialists in specialty 142 “Power Engineering” (educational program “Energetics”) in the following areas:

“Engines and hybrid power plants of vehicles” (bachelor’s and master’s degree)

“Innovative Engineering of Power plants of vehicles” (Master’s degree)

The educational process and scientific research at the department are provided by 6 professors, 5 associate professors, 1 senior teacher, 1 assistant, 2 heads of laboratories and 2 engineers. About 100 people study at 1-6 courses. There are 3 laureates of the State Prize of Ukraine, 2 laureates of the Cabinet of Ministers Prize among the teachers of the department.

The department has a unique material and technical base. The total area of the department is about 1700 sq. meters. It includes classrooms for technical teaching aids, a computer class, laboratories for measurements and fuel equipment, two halls with 16 motor stands, where mini-equipment engines, automobile, tractor, and other special engines are installed, also engines compartments for marine and locomotive. The branches of the department operate at two car service stations.

The curriculum for the training of students provides for the teaching of more than 40 special disciplines, including: “Computer technologies in power units of vehicles”, “Chemotology and zero-hydrocarbon power supplies”, “Computer-aided design systems”, “Construction of vehicles power plants”, “Theory of internal combustion engines”, “Electric motors of vehicles”, “Dynamics and strength of vehicles power units”, “Operation and repair of vehicles power units”, ” Vehicles with engines and hybrid power plants”, “Tests of vehicles power units”, “Software engineering in engine construction”, “Methods of mathematical optimization in engine construction”, “Probability theory, mathematical statistics and the reliability of power plants”.

At the department there is the possibility of admission to the English-language study on the master’s program of double diplomas of NTU “KhPI” and Warsaw Polytechnic (Poland). The duration of the program is 1 year 9 months. Students study in Warsaw for two semesters and have practical training at enterprises in Poland.

Graduates are employed at state and private design firms, centers for the sale and service of vehicles, service stations, machine and tractor stations, railways, sea and river vessels, stationary energy facilities, oil and gas production and transportation enterprises. For the graduates of the department who have shown the ability for research activities the possibility to continue their studies in postgraduate studies are given.

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The main scientific directions in which students, postgraduates, scientific and pedagogical staff of the department are currently fruitfully working are aimed at researching and improving the processes of mixture formation and fuel combustion, improving environmental and economic indicators, ensuring the use of alternative fuels and multi-fuel; increasing the resource characteristics of engines, using advanced materials and technologies; CAD/CAE systems, new techniques, mathematical models and software.

The department actively cooperates with other departments of the electromechanical direction in the research of vehicles hybrid power plants, teaching students, scientific research work, training graduate and doctoral students.

The scientific directions are headed by Professor A.P. Marchenko, V.A. Pylyov, I.V. Parsadanov, A.V. Trinov, S.A. Kravchenko.

On the basis of the ICE Department, there is a specialized Academic Council for the defense of doctoral and candidate dissertations in the specialties 05.05.03 “Engines and power plants” and 05.22.02 “Automobiles and tractors”.

The department publishes the All-Ukrainian scientific and technical journal “Internal Combustion Engines”. Also, one is the organizer of the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific papers in the specialty 142 “Energetics”.

Scientists of the department actively participate in international conferences in Ukraine, Lithuania, Poland, Germany and in other countries. The department is a co-founder and organizer of the annual International Congress of engine builders.

The department maintains contacts on the integration of scientific research, curricula, exchanges of teachers and students with Warsaw Polytechnic (Poland), Prague Technical University (Czech Republic), with the Polytechnic University of Kielce (Poland); Green Bay University of Wisconsin (USA), University of Klaipeda (Lithuania).

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Specialty 142 “Power engineering”